Featured on BBC News and Breitbart, Frizbee is a social image sharing and news website in which users can democratically vote on interesting content and subscribe to various aggregated interests. It is the first website of its kind that protects both its users freedom of speech and their right to privacy. Frizbee works so that people can choose to create a community on Frizbee's main server or to host it themselves using Frizbee's programmable application interface. This makes Frizbee is a decentralized social network which cannot be censored or tracked by a single entity.

It has over 3,100 active users and 540,000 views, many of which came after a revolt occurred on social networking site Reddit in which users were looking for alternatives due to a shutdown of many of its major communities amid censorship concerns. Frizbee garnered significant attention as a Reddit competitor and was featured on BBC News and Breitbart. Breitbart reported that, "The collective shutdown has rendered Reddit virtually unusable. In the space of a single evening, over 100 subreddits with tens of millions of subscribers have gone dark. Users are now flocking to Reddit’s competitors, such as Frizbee".