Press for my startup ACUMAN:

"From Sean Le Van, a 14 yr old dev / polymath."

Product Hunt

"This 14-year-old boy has created an artificial intelligence bot that will make you happier [...] Meet Acuman, the first artificially intelligent personal assistant that can analyse data for your ‘personal and psychological betterment' – and it was created by a 14-year-old"

Information Age

"#1... a personal computer assistant developed by Sean Le Van, a 14-year-old developer... has answered more than 160,000 questions"

The Cheat Sheet

Press for my startup Frizbee:

"Many people have pledged to abandon the site for rivals such as Voat and Frizbee. Reddit is one of the most widely used sites on the web with more than 7.5 billion page views a month."

BBC News

"Alternative sites to have sprung up and have received vast amounts of traffic within the recent months. Founded in 2005, the social networking and news site is the most popular of its kind and boasts more than 7.5 billion page views per month, yet a significant and growing section of the community has threatened to up sticks and leave in favour of close rivals Voat and Frizbee."


" is my favorite. still the frontrunner, but they need servers!"

Allum Bokhari, Tech & politics correspondent @BreitbartTech

"The other reason I like Frizbee — their manifesto: … #RedditRevolt #TheDarkening #AMAgeddon"

Allum Bokhari, Tech & politics correspondent @BreitbartTech

"Frizbee [...] best of all they’re against censorship and really want to see their community grow in line with that."

Campus Society